Vedran Židanik Digital media designer

Vedran Židanik has been a designer for 12 years, of which he has been intensively researching and designing digital products such as mobile applications and websites for the last 10 years. In his design beginnings at Proximity, BBDO’s sister agency, he collaborated with some of the leading domestic digital designers, and this collaboration continued at Kombinat, an award-winning design team of which he was one of the founders. He continued his career at the digital agency Five, where he soon took on the role of lead designer, working with clients such as Squarespace, Napster, Ministry of Sound, Rosetta Stone, Microsoft, T-Mobile and Real Networks.

As a designer at a development agency, his mission was to bridge the gap between design and implementation, help the agency transition to a greater focus on design, and share knowledge and experience with a growing community of digital designers through workshops and lectures. He continued his career in Seattle, where he developed digital products of the Real Networks design team as its head. Then he established the Supernormal studio, under which he develops digital products, introduces design systems and organizes design teams for international clients such as RoverNumbrsiinfluence and others.

He has won several awards, including the first prize at the Exhibition of Croatian Design 1314 for the digital platform Flaster.

“Digital design in the world is undergoing major changes and designers are required to be much more involved in the current problems of society. I think this can already be seen in the employment process of top companies, and it will certainly be even more pronounced in the near future. Designers from smaller, more conservative backgrounds, such as Croatia, will be in a weaker position. We can counteract this to some extent through a wider education and self-education, with the aim of increasing empathy for as wide a circle of people as possible. The core of design as a discipline is empathy, and empathy is nourished by new ideas, knowledge and experiences.”
— Vedran Židanik

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