Svjetlana Despot Product designer and interior designer

Svjetlana Despot is an interior designer and product designer with more than 25 years of experience. After graduating from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Rijeka, she worked at IGH (1986-1992) and at the same time attended a private school of interior design (1988-1990). In 1992, Svjetlana Despot founded the Data Decor Design Centre, which has been designing and manufacturing utility items from the beginning. Then she started cooperating with the Croatian furniture industry and carpet factories, which made her a pioneer of Croatian product design.

She developed a number of unique products for well-known customers in Croatia and abroad, but also products for the Croatian mass production. A constant desire to improve led her to attend the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. As part of the Data Decor Centre, she founded a separate design department, Interior & Product Design Studio, whose main activity is interior and product design. In 2004 Svjetlana Despot launched her own brand Data by Despot. Thanks to her deep knowledge of materials and production technology, she organized the production and distribution of products created according to the DIY model. Within the Data by Despot brand, she designed six collections comprising more than a hundred different items. From the very beginning, Data by Despot has stood out with its innovative approach to design and production.

Each project, from the smallest details to the final product, intertwines high technology and somewhat forgotten handicraft techniques. The designer still focuses her work on researching the structure of materials, but also on the application of traditional handicraft techniques. Presentation in museums all over the world and winning awards for the collections of this brand have contributed to its presence in the foreign market.

” The head is full, and the hardest part is stopping ideas and redirecting them. You have to give up some, separate the important from the irrelevant. Then the first guiding thread comes up, an aha moment happens. So the blink starts with a slogan or a movie in your head. I am inspired by organic forms and the world around me. Designing a space is a way to create a unique sensory environment that acts seamlessly and cohesively. It is a unique micro-universe that creates an impact on its users and can bring happiness, peace and inclusion. I often imagine the interior as a continuation of the urban fabric that connects the environment with its interior, creating a visual connection between the external and internal space, respecting the elements of the natural environment.”
— Svjetlana Despot

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