Marko Pavlović Product designer

Marko Pavlović was born in 1981 in Zagreb where he received the bachelor’s degree in industrial design at the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture. Currently, he works as an independent designer and external associate to the domestic and foreign companies for whom he creates unique solutions in different product categories. His work is mostly oriented towards designing toys and puzzles.

During his studies, and after its completion, Pavlović has been present at many domestic and international exhibitions and competitions where he has been awarded with prestigious awards from the field of the industrial, i.e. product design.

“The challenges are numerous, and a freelance designer must be both a good worker and a good boss. You are actually in a managerial position because you have to adequately manage resources such as time, money, knowledge and equipment. One of the biggest, if not the main challenge, is to build and maintain a good customer base and quality relationship with the customers. Additionally, it is necessary to strive to create diverse revenue streams. This can be achieved, for example, by implementing projects that can bring long-term earnings or royalties, and one-off projects that can be done in shorter time intervals. As the third and most challenging opportunity, I see independent production and sale of one’s own products, and building of one’s own brands as a designer-entrepreneur.”

Here you can find the entire interview with the jury member.