John L. Walters (UK) Co-owner and Editor of the Eye magazine

John L. Walters is co-owner (with Simon Esterson) of Eye, the independent, international review of graphic design, which he has edited since 1999. He was a musician and a music producer before he entered the world of publishing with the project Unknown Public in the 90’s. Apart from Eye magazine, Walters was writing for many other magazines such as The GuardianPortBoatLondon Jazz News, Varoom, Crafts, The Wire, AR, Pit and Jaguar. He curated and created programmes of many events connected to the Eye magazine, including the Critical Tensions conference, as well as a few “archive nights” (in London, New York and Amsterdam), and r

He also edits Pulp, a journal that Eye makes for Italian paper company Fedrigoni. Walters is the author of Alan Kitching: A Life in Letterpress (Laurence King) and Fifty typefaces that changed the world (Design Museum). In February 2020, John L. Walters was one of the guest speakers at the Plan D. Conference in Zagreb.

“Writers and editors (and magazine art directors) should not be the story. We bring our experience and knowledge to a subject, but a magazine is for its readers – whom we presume to want the best words and the most appropriate pictures for each feature or review. Magazine-making is not a form of self-expression. Having said that, there will always be parts of one’s personality that leak through, and that occurs in designing, too. ”
— John L. Walters

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