Zlatka Salopek Radić

After graduating from the Zagreb School of Design in 2004, Zlatka Salopek Radić (Petrinja, 1981) began her professional career as a co-founder of the studio Kuna zlatica with Ana Kunej. Kuna zlatica is an independent design studio that deals with all aspects of design and related artistic practices, with an emphasis on the artistic approach and commentary. They work mainly in the fields of culture (Zagreb City Museum, Cultural Information Center), education (University of Zagreb, Goethe-Institut Kroatien) and civic action (Center for Peace Studies, Croatian Teachers’ Union). The studio focuses on issues of sustainability (Sustainable island, Small Islands Organization), women’s issues (Women on Women, Otočka) and inclusion (Medecins du Monde, Federation of the Blind). It is especially worth noting the ten-year collaboration with the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb, and the award-winning posters created in close cooperation with the Theater of the Blind and Visually Impaired. Zlatka works as an equal author in the realization of all aspects of projects, from art direction, through design and illustration, to photography, and lately she has developed a special fondness for data analysis and visualization. The passion for infographics was preceded by a period of professional activism in the parent associations HDD and ULUPUH in the form of involvement in juried exhibitions (Zgraf 11, Exhibition of Croatian Design 1314) and on the issue of standardization of design activities, especially in the field of the economic value of design and the relationship between designers and the clients. The most tangible result of this engagement is the publication of the Guidelines for calculating the prices of design activities in 2016 and the co-authoring of the Guidelines by both umbrella associations of designers in Croatia: the Croatian Designers Association and the Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts.