Robert Čanak

Robert Čanak studied Visual Communicatons at Faculty of Architecture, School of Design in Zagreb. During his undergraduate studies, he worked mostly as a freelance designer in NGO and culture sectors. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Design Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University,
on the topic of Design Fiction. In parallel, he was a teaching assistant for Business of Design, Typography, and Designer in Context undergraduate courses. He co-authored the Emiri Diwan state gift. While pursuing his graduate studies, he was hired by the Qatari governments’ Capital Projects Directorate, an office that was in charge of large national developments. This is where he held two managerial positions (Head of Design, and Head of Wayfinding). During this mandate, Robert and his team have worked on masterplan level design initiatives, and managed mid to large scale wayfinding projects during the construction of a 15 km2 university campus, Education city, which houses some of the worlds most prestigious universities. During 10 years, he managed more than 80 wayfinding projects (healthcare, recreation, education, hospitality, and transport), and worked as a client to some of the world’s best design consultants and architects. Upon repatriation to Croatia, together with his spouse and partner he founded Studio Node, a consultancy for user experience within built environment, which soon became part of Modulex, a global leader in wayfinding and architectural signage. He is a member of Sign Design Society.