Dario Dević

Dario Dević (Zagreb, 1987) is an 2010 alumnus of the Zagreb School of Design, where he also contributed three years as a Teacher’s Assistant in Typography to Nikola Đurek and Damir Bralić. While finishing his studies and immediately afterwards, he freelanced — up until 2016 in tandem with Hrvoje Živčić mostly covering NGO’s and independent culture, and later carving out his own name with clients such as the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Kinoklub Zagreb, The Močvara Gallery, The Mini Theatre in Ljubljana and numerous other similar clients straddling the line between mainstream and independent culture. In this period he received almost every relevant local design award – the Croatian Designers’ Association Award, the ZGRAF Award, the Croatian Illustration Trienalle, and most notably, the New York “Print” Magazine’s inclusion of Dević and Živčić as two of the 2011’s “20 Best Visual Artists under 20”. In 2021, Dević assumed the Lead Designer position at Zagreb’s 404 Agency, contributing to highly awarded and massively successful campaigns for commercial clients like Croatia osiguranje, socially aware start-ups such as BaDaBum, as well as starting internal education projects entirely new to agencies of this size — which he’s particularly proud of.