Lea Vene Art historian

Lea Vene (b. 1987, in Zagreb) is an art historian, cultural anthropologist and fashion theorist. She completed two post-master courses (Critical Images and R-Lab) at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. She worked as a curator in Fotogallery KIC and gallery Miroslav Kraljević.

She was one of the organizers of ETNOFILm (Ethnographic film festival) where she curated film, exhibition and educational programs. She currently curates exhibition and conference programs for International Photography Festival Organ Vida and is s researcher at CIMO (Centre for the Research of Fashion and Clothing). She is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb.

“Experiments often depend on designers’ individual engagement and their efforts to provide conditions for themselves because they cannot necessarily rely on a well-developed institutional or industrial context. The domestic fashion scene is small and perhaps relies too much on local fashion weeks as an essential model of legitimacy. We lack more independent initiatives, collectives and new forms of association and networking on the wider fashion scene. There is also a lot of room for online experimentation, and this context is currently weakly or superficially present in the domain of local fashion design.” – Lea Vene

Here you can find the entire interview with the jury member.