Nataša Njegovanović

Nataša Njegovanović (Požega, 1987) graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek in 2011 (MEng CEng), and in the same year enrolled in the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Undergraduate and then graduate studies, majoring in Industrial Design, ended in 2016, graduating with high honors, magna cum laude. During and after school, she participated in various projects, received domestic and international awards for design and exhibited her work at many design events. After her studies, she went to practice at Daniel Becker Studio in Berlin, as part of the Eramus+ program. After completing her student internship, she returned to Croatia and built professional experience through employment in renowned Croatian companies: Prostoria, MBR kolektiv (Museum of Broken Relationships), Rimac Automobili and Bugatti Rimac. In the same period, she participated in the construction of a new Croatian furniture brand, Nunc, under the mentorship of Nikola Radeljković (Numen/For Use). Since March 2022, she has been working as an assistant at the Faculty of Architecture, Department of Design, on the Industrial design courses.